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Meet Addilyn

Hello, I'm Addilyn

I could be yours



Meet Addilyn

Hello, I'm Addilyn

I could be yours


toronto's top talent


"...Promising luxury and sophistication with a humorous and sensuously apt young lady"


My name is Addilyn. I am an extremely sweet and relatable young woman in my early twenties, treasured for my refreshing inspiration and optimism. At your place or mine, I curate an intimate atmosphere in which I offer Genuine Friendship Expertise, as well as body works for people of all ages, races, sizes, abilities and genders, in addition to so much more. I genuinely enjoy what I do, and that exuberance is undisguisable when we share time together.

I was drawn to these "Erot*c Arts" as a means to express my own open s*xuality and desire for expressive human touch in ways that could bring a similar joy to others. Now, after inherently charming my way into the hearts of many as a previous sensual masseuse  I continue to provide an intimately rich and restorative experience during every encounter. 

My involvement in certain colorful Toronto communities for over half a decade has given me invaluable insight into the multiple ways in which many different people experience pleasure, and share it with others.

Being in my presence becomes a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere in itself and creates the perfect prelude to the intellectual, visual, and sensual stimulation to follow.

Allow the time we spend together to be pure indulgence.


Addilyn      XX

NAME: Addilyn Castle

HEIGHT: 5'1"

WEIGHT: 105lbs

S*XUALITY: Pans*xual

LANGUAGES: English & French (fluent), Spanish (intermediate conversational)

BODY TYPE: Slim, Athletic


ENHANCEMENTS: None (All Natural)




HAIR: Black, Mid-Length

People of all (legal) Ages, Genders, Races, Sizes, Abilities, & Couples of Every Kind!