Coquette cookout: a black sp social

(hoe)sted by Addilyn castle & Vivien Lake

Feb 22nd, 2018

This will be a casual event so leave your red bottoms at home (or not and... be the most if you wanna)!

Come as you are for an evening of networking, skill sharing and community support and solidarity, where new friends and colleagues can be made! 


Details, at a glance:


Sex Workers (escorts, dancers, MPAs, Doms, cam models, ect) who self-identify and advertise as Black, part-Black and/or a member of the African Diaspora


Networking, skill sharing, formation of a financial relief fund for members of our community to access during times of crisis


Private residence near Osgoode Station


February 22nd, 7-10pm


To meet new friends and colleagues, foster a community of support, and share trade secrets


Light refreshments and snacks will be served as well as a few libations. Non-alcoholic drinks, and snack options for those with dietary restrictions can be provided as well.  

Although there is NO COST for admission, we encourage those who are able to make a financial contribution of any amount to please donate towards helping us create a relief fund for Black Service Providers in the GTA to access in times of crisis. Please know that there will be no pressure if anyone is unable to donate cash based on their circumstances/situation - we can't all be ballin' all the time!

Homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, whorearchy, classism, colorism, prejudice and ableism will have no place at this event.

Last, but not least:


If you have children and would need childcare in order to be able to attend, we are able to offer free childcare on-site! Obviously keeping in mind that discretion is a priority especially in regards to being out to one's child/children, the persons tasked with childcare have experience caring for kids and will not "out" you, themselves, other participants, or the reason for our gathering to the kids.

Please Email/Direct Message either myself or Vivien to RSVP ASAP as we need to get an idea about numbers and interest. Please include information about any dietary restrictions that you/ your child(ren) may have in your message as well. We'd love to see as many of your beautiful faces as possible so please come!


Addilyn Castle



Vivien Lake