Feeling indulgent?

Above all else, your friendship and company are most precious to me.

Gifts are never expected but are a beautiful gesture, and are always a wonderful surprise! If you would like to surprise me with a token of your affection, gift cards or items from any of the following retailers are always coveted. I have listed - with links - a few of my favorite brands and stores below so that you can be sure to see my face light up upon our next encounter.

...and also know that I'll be delighted to show you my appreciation!


This year, I am working passionately at turning my house into a home. Gift Cards (in person or via email) to these particular retailers below show that you care to contribute towards my day-to-day better living; THANK YOU so much!


p.s.  Email Gift Card options are available for *HOMESENSE* , *IKEA* & *PETSMART* !


Tickle and Tease Me


*This is where I order high quality toys and other supplies, from right here in Canada!


Treat Me to Something Sweet 

Hammam Spa Gift Certificate


La Senza

Aerie (by American Eagle)



LocTote Durable Sport Sack

Spoil Me Rotten 


* If you would like to gift me an item en-lieu of a giftcard, my sizes range from xs - s for lingerie and clothing, and 6.5-7 in footwear; the rest of my measurements can be found on my "About Me"  page. Please note that I prefer to wear clothing and accessories without super large or tessellated monogrammed logos; I much prefer the look of stylish subtlety.

Thank You!